Michael Reagan said he owes his place in the Reagan family to his sister, Maureen. His parents, Ronald
and Jane Reagan didn’t plan on having any more children. The doctor had cautioned Jane about giving
birth again. However, one day the family shopped in a drug store.

Three-year-old Mareen marched to the pharmacy counter.
“How can I help you?” the pharmacist asked.

Maureen and opened her pretty pink purse. After she slapped down all her money, ninety-seven cents,
she announced. “I want a brother.”

Her actions shocked her both parents. But later Ronald and his wife decided to adopt. As a result, a baby
arrived at their home, and they named him Michael.

The family hired a nurse to help Jane care for Michael. When Maureen saw the nurse, she ran upstairs
to her piggy bank. She dumped all her coins into the nurse’s hand.

“What is this for” the nurse asked.
“She wants to share in the cost. Please accept her money,” Mr. Reagan said.

Ninety-seven cents may not seem much to us, but Maureen gave all the money she had. Her baby
brother was priceless.

That’s exactly how God sees us. He was willing to give his Son to pay for our sins. As a result, we are part
of His family.

On Easter, we celebrate his resurrection, and we can be assured we will live forever with him.
“But God demonstrated his love for us. When we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

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