“Cynthia radiates sincerity as she speaks and presents to her audience a genuine sense of place. She is authentic, approachable, and allows her listeners to relate to her subject… Her listeners love her quiet demeanor and gentle spirit.”

~ Michael L. Anderson, Past President of Christian Authors Guild.


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That’s Boring: Writing Tight

In our busy culture, readers won’t take the time to read endless descriptions, and editors look for authors who write tight. In this class, Cynthia demonstrates ways to cut excess words and make your editors happy.

 Do You Hate Formatting? Creating a Word Template –

You’ll never have to format for your blog or your articles again. Cynthia shows how to create and save word templates to save time.

 Give ‘em a Picture: Making a Video Trailer 

Americans prefer visual material, and videos are a great way to promote your writing. Cynthia shows easy ways to produce a professional-looking video.

I Don’t Know: How to Research

It’s easy to write what you know about, but don’t stop there. Cynthia demonstrates proper use of the internet and library so you have facts to back up your material.

Critiques 101

Most of us fear the work critique because we realize it involves criticism. But as writers, we need to know if our words communicate what we intended. We need feedback. Cynthia shares ways to have a critique group that is positive and encouraging.

Using Fiction Techniques in Nonfiction

Americans won’t tolerate boring material because they are used to entertainment. This class shows ways to use story telling techniques to spice up your nonfiction.

Who’s Speaking: Understanding and Using POV –

Writers often find point of view challenging, but POV can give the author numerous techniques for communicating. Cynthia explains various first, second, and third point of view and shows how each type can be used.

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