There’s a curious connection between Halloween and Reformation Day, and it’s more than just proximity on the calendar. Why did Martin Luther nail his famous 95 Theses to the Wittenberg church door on October 31, 1517? Answer: He was confronting two religious observances that promoted false saintliness and exploited people’s fear of judgment and purgatory. Why should we celebrate Reformation Day? Instead of the treasury of merit that was for sale, Luther protested, “The true treasure of the Church is the Most Holy Gospel of the glory and the grace of God” (Thesis 62). This was Luther’s desire for Reformation day. Let’s acknowledge it as we keep on clinging to Jesus…

“Father, I long for your blessing, not the blessings of this material world… Instead “your blessing” which promise me the assurance of being under your wing, regardless of what this world chooses and regardless of the direction it leads. Keep me delighted and hungry for your words. It’s too easy for my focus to shift to the world around me and all its frustrations, but I need to know that my hope lies in you and the eternal blessings you promise. Keep me closer to you and help me meditate on your truths. In the Jesus Name, Amen.”

In this month of continued uncertainty and yes, chaos, Jehovah Shalom, The One, is certain. May the below Others Centered Calendar Challenge be an encouragement to you and those around you. My team and I pray these prompts get you one step closer toward our God, the Ultimate Father, who controls ALL things, including justice and peace.

To download, the October 2020 Others Centered Calendar Challenge, click here.

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