As a girl, Julia Dent (later Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant) sat with her mother during a sermon. The minister expounded at length on the importance of faith. He proclaimed if one had faith, he could move mountains or walk on water. The pastor’s persistence convinced Julia.

Soon afterward, Julia and her younger sister Nellie wandered the fields around her house collecting flowers and butterflies. They spotted a clematis blooming on the other side of their creek and longed for a sprig. However, the water from recent rains had swelled the stream and covered their usual
stepping stones. The dancing waves seemed to laugh at Julia as she wondered how to cross.

Suddenly, she remembered the sermon. “If we have faith, we can walk on the water.”

“What is faith?” Nell frowned.

“Simply believe you can.” Julia chose the smoothest part of the stream and got a running start just in case. However, she sank into the water up to her armpits. Nell tried another spot, but she went under too.

Julia had to rescue Nell. Their clothes, flowers, and butterflies got drenched.

The girls confused spiritual realities with physical. God acts in the spiritual realm when we have faith. For instance, when Abraham had faith, the Lord counted that as righteousness. Further, as believers walking by faith, we can avoid sin and exhibit the fruits of the Spirit. When you consider we were born with a sinful nature, that’s like moving mountains.

“Without faith, it is impossible to please God.” Heb. 11:6
Choose to keep walking by faith and pleasing the Lord.

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