Are you working on your “new” habits, on your “new” dreams… on looking forward instead of back? Reminder: I created a Habit Tracker to help organize your monthly goals. Here you can jot down your monthly goals and even include the Bible Verses that have inspired your goal. Each day, read those verses as you pray to our Everlasting Father and ask for strength and determination to get you close to His design, His will for you. 

And as we do each month, let’s pray together: Dear Father, how can we express our deepest thanks for your chased, unfailing love? As a sinful people, we deserve death and hell, not your love. Yet we are grateful you found a way to demonstrate your love by giving your son as a sacrifice for us. What a debt we owe to your mercy and grace. May we come to know more deeply the breath, the depth and the height of your steadfast love that surrounds us every day of our lives. Bless your holy name! In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

For your monthly encouragement,  download, the February 2023 Others Centered Calendar Challenge, click here.

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