The other day, I read the following by Heidi St. John, “The Gospel has been rejected by our government, the Word of God has been rejected by “woke” pastors and churches, and our nation has loosed itself from the moorings of God and His truth. The Bible tells us that God’s grace is what protects us and sustains us, and without His protection, we have no safety whatsoever. God has warned us that if we push Him away, we leave ourselves unprotected and vulnerable to the evils of the human heart and man’s fallen nature. The only answer to what’s happening in our nation is not more laws, and certainly not more control because laws cannot change the human heart. Only Jesus Christ can do that. So, we come to you oh Father God, and lift our voices and pray:

Father, we lift our hands and voices in praise for life and for the gift of eternal life. How we thank you that Jesus was willing to endure unfathomable suffering to purchase our redemption. He is risen. He is risen indeed! What wonderous words. May joy glow in our hearts as we celebrate his resurrection. In Jesus’ Name, we pray, Amen.

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