Welcome February.

February 1, 2019

Some might say that February is the Monday of the calendar year. January is full of rest much like a Sunday after the hectic holidays have passed. In February, we get truly started on our year, making plans with much to look forward to. The year is ahead of us, much like on a Monday, when the week can still be filled in with gatherings, celebrations, and get-togethers.

While Mondays might not be your favorite day of the week, who can deny the joy found in a fresh start? A clean slate? February is a month of new beginnings, the anticipation of spring, and, of course, excess amounts of love. This is the month where we are called to express our love in tangible ways to those around us. There’s an entire aisle at the grocers filled with candy hearts, pink and red wrappings, and those over-sized chocolate kisses. Kids exchange Valentine’s cards in their schools, sweethearts exchange gifts, and friends celebrate together.

As the month of love presses on, we are excited for what is to come in 2019, on and off the radio… yes, details will be coming soon!

To kick-off February, let’s pray: 

Father, I am so thankful you loved me when I wasn’t lovable. I would never have given this sinful world a second thought, but you expressed Your love with a horrific sacrifice. Please help me boast in your steadfast love so that others may know your majesty.In Jesus Name, Amen.

Seek Him and Choose to Be Shade.

May the below Others Centered Calendar Challenge be an encouragement to you and those around you. My team and I pray these prompts get you one step closer toward our God, the Ultimate Father.

The Art of Living is #OthersCentered Calendar-February 2019-Cynthia L. Simmons

To download the February 2019 “Others Centered” Calendar, click here.

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