In this episode, we learn a snippet about Katrina Von Bora, a woman from the 1500s. She married Martin Luther, the reformer. She displayed incredible qualities for a woman of her time.

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It’s Women’s History Month, so this is a great time to find out about women from the past.

Today I’m going to tell you a couple of short things about a lady that lived in the Fifteen Hundreds.

Her name was Katrina von Bora, and she was trained to be a nun because her father was royalty. When his first wife died, he put her in a convent.

Well, she became the wife of Martin Luther, the reformer. At that time, during the reformation, they didn’t pay pastors. She had to figure out how they were going to make a living. And so because they were placed in the black cloister, which was the monastery, she looked at all those empty rooms and created a boarding house. That’s how they earned money


Well, she had to feed the people in boarding house. She started a farm, in fact, a couple of farms, and had livestock and vegetables. Plus she made beer and sold it in the town square. Now, Luther preferred wine, but he would drink her beer and he liked it. If someone came to her door and was needy and vagrant and sick, she would take them in and feed them till they got well and then hire them. What an excellent businesswoman. In fact, if you’ve heard of table talk, she’s the one that started that, because after dinner, in the evenings, when the men had finished eating with students, they would sit around and ask Luther questions and then write down his answers, and they later published them.

Katie is a great example for proverbs 31 woman. Her work made Luther so successful that when he died, he was the wealthiest man in the province, even more so than the duke.

A great example for all of us ladies who want to be a proverb 31 woman.

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