The Remarkable Love Story of Susannah Spurgeon

The Remarkable Love Story of Susannah Spurgeon

In today’s episode, we delved into the remarkable love story of Susannah Spurgeon and Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Their  love was deep and selfless, rooted in faith and commitment.

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We all enjoy a good love story. Susannah Thompson or Susie and Charles Haddon Spurgeon fell in love after he came to London to preach at New Park Street Chapel in 1854.

Reserved but sophisticated, Susie finished her education in France and spoke French fluently, and she enjoyed dressing well. The first time she saw the Spurgeon, he didn’t impress her. He stepped into the pulpit wearing an old-fashioned black coat and had long, badly trimmed hair. Susie was more inclined to laugh at his countrified outfit than take him seriously.

However, after listening to him for weeks, his words pierced her soul, and she renewed her commitment to Christ. She frequently visited Mr. and Mrs. Olney’s, close friends of her family. Mr. Olney served as deacon of their church. Susie met Spurgeon there and gradually they began to talk.

By August of 1854, they were engaged but kept their relationship low-key. He made a huge splash in London. After New Park City Chapel hired him the church went from a handful of attendees to growing throngs. In fact, the church hired a larger auditorium to house all the people who wanted to hear him speak.

After their engagement they hit a rough spot

On one occasion, he accepted a speaking engagement at The Horns, in Kennington, which was a lecture room not far from her home. He asked her to accompany him, and she was delighted to go. They enjoyed lunch together at her home in St Anne’s Terrace and then took a cab to the hall.

When they got their crowds packed the building, and she stayed right beside him as the went up the stairs. However, when they got to the landing, he totally forgot she existed. Susie believed he was mulling over his sermon. He turned into a small side door to meet the men who would introduce him and she was left on the landing tossed around by the crowd. At first, she was confused, and then she lost her temper. How could he desert her in this surging throng?

She hurried home and poured out her heart to her mother who was shocked to see her home so soon. Mrs. Thompson tried to reason with her and help her see that her husband was a very unusual man, and he had a gift for sharing the word of God.

After the Service

Spurgeon suddenly remembered Susie. Where was she? He panicked because he didn’t remember anything after he entered the building. He searched the entire building looking for her and finally rushed to her house.

Mrs. Thompson met him at the door. She explained what happened, and then persuaded Susie to come downstairs and talk to him.

You can imagine that was a tough conversation. Susie had to tell him how upset she was, and he apologized.

He did, however, point out the importance of his ministry. If she married him, she would have to let him go and minister as he was called.

At that point, Susie determined never to stand in the way of his calling. They married in Jan 1856. Often when he left for travels, she couldn’t hold back her tears, but she never held him back. He would tell her she was offering him to the Lord.

In contrast

Valentine’s Day turns our hearts to love, but the love Susie Spurgeon displayed went beyond the syrupy romantic stuff portrayed by our media.

I Corinthians 15 says love is patient, kind, not jealous or arrogant, does not act unbecomingly, does not see its own, and does not take into account a wrong suffered.

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