Discover How to Have a Peaceful Mind

Discover How to Have a Peaceful Mind

Recently, I took my granddaughter to the play ground and watched while she threw herself into enjoying the equipment and making friends. She was free and peaceful.

As we get older, we experience an influx of intrusive thoughts, and we second guess everything we do. Conflicting voices torment our thoughts and rob our peace.

My guest this week was  author and therapist Tracy Taris. She offered advice about sorting through the chaos so you can have a peaceful mind.

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Thinking Deeper: How to Manage Conflict

Thinking Deeper: How to Manage Conflict

Women don’t like conflict. We want our nest to be safe and comfortable. However, in a sinful world, conflict abounds. You cannot live with someone without disagreements. And these days our world abounds with tension. We need to learn how to manage conflict.

My guest this week was Oletha Barnett. She directs Conciliation Services which ministers to businesses, churches, families, and schools. They help resolve conflict in a Biblical way. Ms. Barnett can train, mediate, and investigate conflict. She restores peace so people can focus on a mission.

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For more, listen here

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