Prodigal: That’s NOT How You Raised Them

Prodigal: That’s NOT How You Raised Them

Whew! Your kids are grown. You made it!

However, one of them came and revealed a secret. Do you panic? After 18 years, you have limited choices, but that’s not how you raised them. You have a prodigal.

Discover answers: Author Sharon Elliott wrote a book on this topic. She will help you laugh and relax.

Listen here.

For How to Cope with a prodigal, listen here


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Loving Your Children

Loving Your Children

How do you love a toddler when he defies you? When a toddler throws a temper tantrum, what should you do? How do you love a school age child when he or she doesn’t cooperate? When a teen rolls his eyes, what is the loving thing to do?

Sharon Elliott answered all those questions. She is the author of Didn’t See That Coming: When How They’re Living’s Not How You Raised Them.  Sharon also discussed how to support and celebrate your child.

Listen here.

For more on loving your children, click here

Leave a Legacy for Your Children

Leave a Legacy for Your Children

Last week we talked about how to have that hard conversation with your children. This week, I want to expand on that. What will your kids say after you are gone? What kind of messages do your actions give?
My guest was Gwyn McCaslin. She has an advanced degree in counseling and she offers wisdom laced with grace.
Listen here
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