Valentine’s Day: Loving Your Husband

Valentine’s Day: Loving Your Husband

Since Valentine’s Day comes this month, all our posts will be on love. Today’s post is about loving your husband.

Certainly romantic love and marriage should go together, but a husband and wife can drift apart. That’s what happened to my guest this week. Author Kathy Collard Miller had wrong ideas about men and marriage and ended up hating her husband. However, she the Lord gave her insights, and she turned her marriage around. Now she is delighted to share her insight to help others.

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For more on loving your husband, listen here.

Secrets to Loving Your Husband

Secrets to Loving Your Husband

Father’s day has arrived again, and sometimes I wonder if merchants and card companies created these events so in order to promote sales.  My family already celebrates each person’s birthday, and Christmas, so another occasion seems excessive. 

However, the Bible does tell children to honor their parents.  So early in our marriage, my husband and I decided the children would remember him on Father’s Day and me on Mother’s Day. That allowed them to learn creativity and thankfulness. The idea worked well.

However, the Bible tells wives to “respect their husbands” and in Titus it commands older ladies to”…encourage the younger women to love their husbands…” If we respect our husband, we love him.

We all know men think differently. When I get upset, I want my husband to help me process my emotions rather than fix the problem. So, what’s the secret to love our husbands as God commands? I’ve asked my husband to answer that. Ray Simmons is a teaching elder at Grace Community Church. 

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