Overcome the After-Christmas Blues

Overcome the After-Christmas Blues

Do you ever have the blues after Christmas?

When my daughter was about three, we took down our live Christmas tree during her nap. When she woke, she went to the window and said, “Christmas tree, please come back.”

That made me sad.

Dr. Michelle Bingstrom

Putting up decorations is fun, but I hate taking them down. When you finish, your house feels bare and cold. So, how can we overcome the post-Christmas blues? My guest this week was Dr. Michelle Bengstrom who holds a degree in psychology. She studied neurology and how the brain works. For instance, she suggested you get outside in the sunshine. The light increases your mood even if you slather on sunscreen like I do.

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Great News on Handling Anxiety

Great News on Handling Anxiety

Women often suffer with anxiety. We like our nest/our home safe and secure, but we all recognize that life happens. Just knowing things can go terribly wrong can make us worry.

There is hope. We have great news on handling anxiety. My guest was Author Michelle Lazurek. She went through a very dark time and learned a lot. Michelle couldn’t wait to share with you.

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How to Find Hope in 2022

How to Find Hope in 2022

I heard a well-known pastor say we live in extraordinary times, and we all know life has been tough. The pandemic has worn us down, and the news tends to be disturbing. Now that we face the New Year, how can we find hope? Let’s talk about healing and moving forward.

My guest this week was author Lori Wildenberg. She just completed the book Messy Hope: Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety, Depression, or Suicidal Ideation. You’ll find her suggestions realistic and beneficial.

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