Do you recall when you got engaged? I have fond memories of those times. My future husband and I wanted to be together all the time and would talk for hours. Those newlywed years were wonderful too. We lived in an apartment and didn’t have a house or yard that needed care. What fun we had getting to know each other. I’d have to use the word ‘blissful’ to describe those days.

Marriage should be pleasant because God intended it to be a  picture of the relationship between Christ and the church.

Then we had kids and life got busy. The job of getting our kids to ballet or karate took the place of our long chats. How easy for us to get disconnected. Communication stops and sometimes you feel like you don’t know your spouse anymore.

Husband and wife are very different. We are opposites that mesh together, but we respond differently to stress, emotions, and everyday life.

Cynthia Ruchti is with me today. She has written A Fragile Hope about a man and wife who experience that disconnect. However, Cynthia also shared ways to keep in touch.

Learn more about Cynthia here and here.


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