Cynthia L Simmons

           Cynthia L. Simmons

“You learn and have fun when Cynthia speaks.”  ~ Cindy Lowman

Cynthia L. Simmons homeschooled her five children through high school, including her youngest who is autistic spectrum.

She also co-teaches Bible studies with her husband and co-hosts a weekly discussion group on Biblical topics for college age and above. Cynthia feels a special kinship to the mother who teaches at home; she loves sharing her experience and encouragement.  She makes learning fun as she educates moms with important topics!

History of Money Event/Class 

One and a half hours of fun packed with education. Based on research behind Pursuing Gold, this class covers the history of money starting with bartering. You’ll see real Confederate bills, and coins from all over the world. Plus you can dress up as a banker or as a member of the Lincoln family. Make your own coin.  CLICK HERE for the “History of Money” brochure.

.  Cynthia offers a variety of topics.  See the list below for subjects in addition to the History of Money class.


Contact Cynthia to schedule a homeschool moms class on one of the topics below.


It’s too Hard!: Surviving Your Special Needs Child
A disabled child learns differently and that adds pressure to the homeschool mom. While telling her own story, Cynthia demonstrates how to keep life normal and plan for the future.

Cover Their Eyes and Ears: Teach Your Children to Think
As mothers, we long to protect our children from the ungodly philosophies sweeping our nation. Cynthia will give you invaluable tools to prepare your child to discern truth from error. This is a very popular class.

You’re Reading What? Use Scripture to Teach Reasoning Skills
This class gives additional information on how to teach reasoning. Cynthia will share ways to use Bible study to teach your children to reason.

Another Mistake? Teach Excellence without Oppressing Your Child
As homeschool moms, we long for our children to reach excellence, but there’s a fine line between high goals and perfectionism. In this class, Cynthia shares what a good home looks like and how to encourage without breaking your child’s spirit.

How to Homeschool without Losing Your Sanity
Cynthia’s mother often said if she got her children to adulthood, she wouldn’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain. Once Cynthia had children of her own, she understood her mother’s distress, and she helps that overwhelmed mother find ways to cope with all the chores. This class is a must for mothers of large families.

Homeschool and Stay Organized
A homeschooling mother has too many jobs and a lack of organization can cause added stress. In this class, Cynthia demonstrates that mothers can stay on top of the craziness and enjoy their families.

Make Homeschool a Lifestyle
Moms who choose to teach at home often juggle thousands of responsibilities, and they can feel crushed under the load. Cynthia will share how to blend education into your life so that it brings your family closer.

Wow, Woman! Katie Luther on Proverbs 31
In this class “Katie” the wife of the Reformer, Martin Luther, makes an appearance. You can learn a lot about history, and the Psalms while having fun.


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