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“Hearing Cynthia speak on numerous occasions puts a smile on my face every time! She always manages to capture the audience with her vivid delivery.”  Candy A. Westbrook, Motivational Speaker, Author, High Heels, Cleats and Helmets

Does Anyone Value My Job? Ways to be an Award-Winning Mom People used to say ‘the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.’ But today women face pressure to stay in the workplace. This class teaches the value of parenting and ways to mother effectively.

Dump the Devotions? A busy Woman’s guide to Walking by Faith – It every Christian leader prescribes daily Bible quiet time and prayer. Is that possible? Do you ever struggle just to keep track of your family? This class will show you ways to stay close to our loving heavenly father even in the midst of chaotic family life.

But I’m exhausted: Self-Care for Women– Our microwave generation expects us to do more and to do it faster, but we all need downtime to restore our hearts and minds. In this class you will learn how to set priorities and take time to rest.

Live with Joy in an Topsy-Turvey World The world around us appears to be declining fast, and it’s easy for women to fear the future. In this class, Cynthia shows women ways to keep their joy alive and vibrant.

 Who is this Alien in My House? Understanding Males – Every woman dreams of being married to her prince charming,
but how do you live with that man? Cynthia shares insights from her own experience and from Scripture to help women
navigate their way to a better marriage.
Wow, Woman! Katie Luther on Proverbs 31 – In this class “Katie” the wife of the Reformer, Martin Luther, makes an
appearance. You can learn a lot about history, and the Psalms while having fun.

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