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A Lady from History

Jane was in her senior year of college. She had grown up as a Quaker.  She had planned to go on an internship when she finished college in Washington, D. C., but the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Everything changed. The nation was at war. She started rethinking because she’d seen all the pictures of the battle.  She got this strange letter that asked her if she liked crossword puzzles, which she did.  Was she getting married? Which she wasn’t.  Because she answered the questions that way, she got an invitation to a secret meeting in the school biology lab after dark. All of this was very strange, and it piqued her interest.

When she got there, she discovered that the Navy had picked these certain women because their grades were good. They knew they could work hard. And they were looking for women to do code breaking, and they wanted her to do code breaking of the Japanese naval code. She was assigned to JN 25, which is a certain section of the code. During that period, that was a perfect job for her.

Of course, it was secret. She couldn’t even tell her parents. She went to live in Washington for a period and was very much involved in this very difficult, but also very exciting job. She was helping the sailors who were at war in the Pacific.  In that period, that was a perfect job for her.

Something that she would have never thought she would have. All of us have different gifts and abilities just because God gave us certain abilities. But if we’re a believer, we have certain spiritual gifts and God wants us to use those too. In your period of life where you are right now, what’s God’s purpose for you?

Living with Purpose

That’s what we’re going to talk about today. Today I have Rachel Anderson, who has also been a listener. So welcome Rachel. It’s so good to have a listener.


Thank you for having me.


We’re going to talk a little bit about purpose and how to find yours.  Can you tell me what it means to live with a purpose?


Living with intention and living with a passion. It infiltrates every area of your life. You feel needed. You feel like God has you where he wants. You’re walking in your gifting., it brings such a joy, it brings such a peace.  You have a sure foundation


you use the word intentional. That word is a buzzword these days. Can you define that?


The word intentional means that you look at your life, and you make the most of it. How can I make the best use of my time?

How can I be the best mom, wife, friend, disciple of Jesus?


You commented that no two of us will have the same purpose.  Share with me what that means for an individual. How do we find that?


Purpose is found in your burdens, your talents, and in your season of life. So that will look a little bit different for every person.

God instilled in us different passions, talents, things that we are burdened for. And then the only constant in life is change, right? Life is always changing, and seasons of life are always changing.    Always be very conscious and self-reflective about what your burden and your talents are.

When you bring all that to God and are prayerful about it, he reveals that to you.

Finding Friends


Okay. You showed how the story about how you wanted to have friends


I found myself as a brand-new mom. That rocks your world and your roles shift. Was I going to have this victim mentality or was I going to be intentional?

So I made up my mind. I started meeting people at the playground or at the library and at the grocery store. I started a book club, literally inviting strangers to my house.  I am still friends with so many women that came to that first book club today, almost seven years later.



That’s excellent. You told a story also about how your children come from an event with different stories.


My children have vastly opposite personalities. they could be telling somebody the same story. And depending on which child you listen to   you might hear a completely different story.

I happen to live in a city that’s full of mountains and valleys and rivers and everything in between. And I live in the valley, right at the foot of a mountain. And I commute up and down the mountain every single day. People make comments on the specific road that I take.

” Oh, that road is so treacherous. I can’t believe you take that road. I’m too scared to drive it”. “Or that road makes me dizzy.”

I have learned to love that commute of mine. In fact, it gives me such a perspective shift every single morning because the views driving up this road are unbelievably beautiful.

And depending on where you’re at in life, you can shift your perspective.  You might be down in that valley and the road might be treacherous.  But if you look out at the view of what God has for you and find the good in your situation you can make intentional choices.

Just depending on your perspective, it can make or break the situation that you’re facing.



That’s very good. Now, you also talked about having a staycation every year with your kids.

Can you give me some ideas about why that was good and what you learned from that?


When we were newlyweds one vacation was really all we could swing a year. And we like to try to take two.

We decided we would plan a staycation and we started making a list of things that we could do right in our own city. Or within day trips.

That tradition has continued now that we have children. We all look forward to it.  We are fortunate to live in an incredibly beautiful place and city where there’s a lot to do, especially outdoors.


That’s a good thing to do because most people don’t even know what’s happening in their city.

I also loved your story about the goldfish and what can we learn from that goldfish story?

Goldfish Story

That was one of my personal favorite chapters. The goldfish story happened when I only had one child. I was a rookie mom. My son loved goldfish.

I bought one of the giant boxes on special.  I quickly realized he just wanted to eat cupful after cupful.  His body wasn’t satisfied. And I remember the Lord convicting me. This can be applied to our spiritual lives. If we’re not intentionally filling our hearts and minds with good things, with the word of God, we’re not going to be satisfied.

We’re going to be looking for fulfillment. We’re going to be looking for purpose in all the wrong places.   Only God and love and living with a purpose is the only thing that can fill that void.


That is a beautiful story with a beautiful ending.  What kind of takeaways do you want to have from your book?



I would love for people to do self-reflection.  That’s something that’s becoming increasingly harder for people to do.

In other words, I need to do better in this area. If I’m serious about being a Christ follower, he has a purpose and a plan for each of our lives. I want to live in all that God has called me to do.  He has gifted each one of us with strengths and talents and giftings.




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