Christianity offers hope and love to all of us, however, that doesn’t stop sibling-rivalry unless we take steps to ensure each of our children feel our love.

Plan on teaching John 3:16 to your children and live it out in everyday life: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him has eternal life.”

Parents of blended families struggle even more because they cannot control what their ex-partners might do. What if your ex-spouse decides gives excuses why the child cannot come to your house for Christmas? What if he gives more than you can afford? What if he says things about you that hurt or are untrue?

Laura Petherbridge calls herself the Smart-Step-Mom and reaches out to blended families offering help and guidance. She can plug you into an organization that offers support throughout the year.

You can find Laura here.

1:20 What can you do with your kids who want to compete?

2:35 What’s the best way to handle the holidays with sibling-rivalry?

5:45 What if you are in the midst of a divorce and there’s a tug of war between you and your spouse?

7:50 Explain how to put the child’s interest first.

9:15 How do you put away anger at that ex-spouse?



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