The topic of sexuality creates a lot of controversy today. What should we believe? Are we out of date?

Good question. Did you know that the apostle Paul actually praised someone? But he also warned that same church about sexuality.

Let me explain. Thessolonica was the capitol of the Roman province of Macedonia. The city was a major trade center so religion and philosophy discussed there and many worshiped the Greek and Roman gods. When Paul visited the city, a number of Jews and Gentiles came to Christ. When Paul wrote the Book of 1 Thess., he praised them for remaining true to their father despite being persecuted and having their possessions seized.

You became an example to all the believers in Macedonia and in Achaia. People had heard how they turned from idols to serve God.

It’s interesting to note in Chapter four of the epistle, that Paul warns them…

“To abstain from sexual immorality that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor.”

Wow. Given the fact that they were examples, that seems out of character.

However, inappropriate sexuality is powerful and can destroy.

That’s important for us to know today when we see sex portrayed as casually as people have lunch.

I see so much confusion on this issue. People decide sexual identity on the basis of how they feel rather than whether or not they have xx chromosones or xy. And there’s pressure to respect each person’s decision. Again regardless of biology.

As believers, we need to realize the power of sexuality, and how dangerous it can be misused.
Today I have Mr Black. He is part of a team called Harvest USA who have done a series of lessons called God’s Design for Sexuality.

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