Reflecting Gold


Review: I enjoyed this romp through Civil War era Chattanooga. While the hero and heroine endure hardships under which many people would falter, their unity and faith keep them going. I especially liked that the writer did not let the couple fall into the typical romance stereotypes of pointless bickering, an artificial separation, or a stupid decision that gets the heroine kidnapped. The mystery was intricate enough to keep me guessing the identity of the mastermind until the very end, and I pride myself on knowing the answer early. Altogether a very enjoyable read. I recommend it.



Peter and Mary Beth Chandler kept their Confederate bank on the gold standard. However, a Confederate officer asked for a loan. He insisted he should be able to repay in Confederate banknotes not backed by gold. If they refuse, he will label them traitors. Should the Chandlers change their loan requirements and risk losing the bank? The entire town questioned their loyalty, especially after the officer was murdered. Will the Chandlers be court martialed or lose the bank? While facing an impossible situation, they seek God’s guidance and learn to reflect his love.

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