Cynthia L. Simmons and Julie K. Gillies invite you

to the holy habit of praying for yourself with a few of your girlfriends

Soundcloud Image for Prayers for a Woman's Soul
  •  Praying for yourself is not selfish.  It’s vital.
  •  Feel free to listen to previous broadcasts (below) and allow the Spirit of God to reign in your life and your circumstances.
  • Scroll through the list and click on the topic you want to listen to.
  • Topics are listed alphabetically and include: Attitude, Confident in Christ, Calmness in the Storm, Contentment, Clear Mind, Holy Pauyse, Do Things in Love, Ears to Hear, Fear, Focus, Friends, Grace, Guilt, Goals and Plans, Health, Physical Health, Hear Your Voice, Peace, Perfectionism, Planning, Joy, Long-term Prayer, Multitasking, Resentment, Rest, Self-Worth, Stress, Trusting When We Can’t See, Trusting God to Fight Battles, Understanding the Season We Are In, Wisdom and Discernment, and a Worried Heart
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