“Pray without ceasing” I Thessalonians 5:17

Prayer used to be easy for me.  When I sensed God leaning over to listen. That was powerful, and I never wanted to stop. I’ve cried out in desperation and felt God’s presence. I treasure those moments.

However, life crushed some of my fondest dreams, and afterward  I found prayer more difficult. When I pray and feel silence or feel as if I’m in an underground tunnel, I want to quit. Give up.

I am now working again at prayer. So I’m very interested in the experiences of other.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Satan does not want us to pray. He walks around like a roaring lion, and he would love to put barriers in our way.

Plus, walking by faith means we don’t see all that’s going on in the spiritual world. We don’t know what God might be doing that we can’t see.   I have to remind myself infusing my ow feelings into prayer has nothing to do with the reality of God’s mercy and love. A good prayer time doesn’t guarantee another one, or mean he listened more that time than when you feel like the sky is stone.

He loves me and listens even if I am tired or feel grumpy. The idea is to pray. Pray when it’s hard. Pray when you are discouraged. Pray when you are happy. Pray when you know life is changing, and you don’t like change. Pray. Pray.

This morning, I went to the printer to get copies of a curriculum I wrote for my latest novel. And I got home to discover the man assembled it wrong. Ugh! Rather than getting mad because I am busy, I made myself pray. And the tangled mess unwound.


Today Janet McHenry is my guest. She has written Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus. She will share what she has learned.

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