Who meets your needs?

As a young girl, I wanted a young handsome man to carry me off and look after me.  Sort of. I loved Cinderella and Snow White. Of course, a kiss from the prince would cure Snow White’s problem, forever.

And in real life, that’s not so far fetched, because men like to rescue their love.

This summer, my son married. At the reception, I ran errands for the brides family. At one point I had to take a message to the bride, and I forgot I had on a long fancy dress. I took off like I usually do and fell down a set of brick stairs. Ouch. My husband was very upset he didn’t see in time. He didn’t protect me. In truth, he didn’t know what I was doing.

He’s a wonderful man, and I adore him.

I wanted to fall in love with someone I could trust as well as love, and I did. However, I discovered he couldn’t meet all my needs. In fact, ten years ago, he came down with a severe illness that killed people before the days of antiviral drugs. He depended on me for four years while he recovered.

As a nurse, I used all that stuff I learned and I leaned on the Lord for wisdom in using it too.

Life taught me we cannot depend on others entirely. While friends share good times and hard, you can crush someone with your needs.

Katy Kauffman of Light House Bible studies has complied a book Heart Renovation, and she has a chapter on this topic. How can we get our needs met?

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