Julia Dent Grant married Ulysses S. Grant and they maintained a warm relationship throughout their lives. She visited him in the field as often as she could. Unfortunately, Julia had strabismus, which meant her eyes didn’t line up evenly. A doctor offered to correct the problem when she was young, but she didn’t want to have an operation. As a result of her eye difficulty, she preferred to pose for pictures in profile.

As her husband rose to prominence during the Civil War, she worried her appearance would detract from his reputation. She wrote to Ulysses and asked if she should have surgery. He replied that he fell in love with her eyes and wanted her to leave them alone.
What a touching story of love.

On the other hand, I’m thankful for God’s love. He cared for me even when I had turned against him and my righteousness was like filthy rags. However, he didn’t leave me in that condition. Jesus gave me life through his substitutionary death, and as I grow in him, I am becoming like him. I can praise God for that love every day.

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