A Penny Saved - book by Cynthia L Simmons

A Penny Saved

Mason’s world turns upside down when he, his little sister, Olivia, and their mother move into their grandfather’s house. Mason misses his cool friends. R.B., the weird kid down the street, thinks he’s Mason’s new best friend.
Mason’s grandfather, a retired professor, stays in his office filled with musty, dusty books. He never realized there was a magical treasure hidden in plain sight:  An 1860 Indian Head penny – named Penny – who is alive.
When Penny goes missing, Mason helps his grandfather look for her. Will Mason find Penny and learn her secret?

Readers describe this fun adventure as:

  • “Clever and imaginative”
  • “I loved this book!”
  • “Page-turning story had  twists and turns young readers will enjoy.”
  • “The characters . . .spring to life.”
  • “Masterfully written.”

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