So very excited to announce that my third series to The Gold Series is launching soon! In 2008 my husband contracted encephalitis… his recovery lasted several years. I began to fear I would become self absorbed since I had so many tough issues during that time. I had to cling to God like never before. This new book, Reflecting Gold, deals with showing God’s love and grace in difficult times. Plus, the timing could not be more perfect—the book also reflects the FREEDOM found when we truly reflcet Him. I am also excited to announce that a free Bible study will be posted on the site to accompany the book. Stay tuned!

Join me as we pray for this month:
“Dear Holy Father, thank you for revealing truth that sets us free from bondage. We lift up those in our nation who are confused and bound by the enemy’s lies. May the Spirit of God penetrate their hearts and liberate them from sin and slavery. Bless us as we share your grace and wisdom from your Word. Call us back to yourself and grant us a new birth of freedom. Thank you for those warriors who sacrificed and fought for us. I pray in the Name of Jesus, Amen.”

May the below Others Centered Calendar Challenge be an encouragement to you and those around you. My team and I pray these prompts get you one step closer toward our God, the Ultimate Father, who controls ALL things, including justice, peace, and our nation.

To download, the July 2021 Others Centered Calendar Challenge, click here.

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