Do you want to believe a lie? According to Pamela Christian, most people say they don’t. Instead, you might want to check your anchor to make sure your faith is based in reality. Here Cynthia interviews her about her latest book and Bible study.


Everyone calls Pamela the faith doctor, and here’s what she has to say about that:


The Faith Doctor” is a title given to me because of all that I have personally overcome making it possible for me to help others.  But, you can call me Pam. What we believes impacts every area in life, mentally, emotionally, practically and spiritually, yet few people take the time to seriously consider what they believe and why. Instead they simply adopt the beliefs of family and friends. As I’ve learned, unless we intentionally examine what we believe, we could easily be basing our life – our eternal life – on lies, without realizing it. It’s my sincere heart to be of help to you. I want you to discover the same truth and hope I have, to realize the victorious life Christ died to provide you.   Whether I’m speaking, writing, hosting TV or radio my purpose is to be your advocate.  My ministry topics, my work for those under and unemployed and my campaign to increase awareness for heart disease, all demonstrate my desire to be of real and certain help.



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