Many are enduring painful, unbearable circumstances yet there may never be a “happy” ending. They need to know that in spite of this there are joys unspeakable and abundant blessings that await us if we will allow God to lead us through the journey.

You may have prayed faithfully for God to perform a miracle for someone you love only to experience God’s silence. Everyone wants to read a story with a “happy” ending. We want to hear that God has miraculously intervened in the midst of our trials and solved all our problems to our satisfaction. God sometimes chooses to do just that, but more often than not, He says, “My grace is sufficient.”

Questions often arise when the miracle you need doesn’t come.

  • Why doesn’t God provide a miracle every time we ask?
  • Why do children suffer?
  • Why doesn’t God stop death and disease when He has the power to do so?
  • Is it okay to be angry with God?
  • Why does God heal some but not others
  • Louise Flanders faced these soul-searching questions when her son, Jonathan, suffered a stroke two days prior to his seventh birthday. In the blink of an eye this happy energetic child lay comatose fighting for his life. I’ll See You in the Morning is the true story of how God brings hope in the midst of despair and peace in the midst of a storm
  • Louise is an active member and past secretary of Christian Authors Guild (CAG). Her work has appeared in Gary Chapman’s Love is a Verb and Love is a Verb Devotional as well as Heartfelt Inspirations and America Remembered. She has also been published in local newspapers, magazines, and church publications. Louise won CAG’s writer’s contest on two separate occasions. She and her husband, Johnny, reside in Woodstock, Georgia and have been married for 47 years. They have two children and are the proud grandparents of Will and Sydney.




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