Abuse Recovery? Yes. It is possible. Let me explain:

I have always loved orchids. And I love the big floppy ones called Cattleyas  although I like the small moth orchid that are very popular today.

At one point when I was starting to homeschool, I decided to grow some low-light orchids. I killed a few, but over the years I have learned a lot. If a plant isn’t happy, I  change the place it’s growing or  try changing a few things.  The plant can recover.

People however, are not as resilient. As part of my nursing, I had to take child development and psychology, and I was horrified at the number of things parents did to their kids. Of course, now that I’ve had children, I can talk about things kids do to their parents, but we all know how the home shapes the child.

When we had children, we thought through the Bible teaching on parenting and developed a philosophy of child rearing. We told our oldest she was our guinea pig, because we tried out our ideas on her. Frankly we worried about making mistakes, and we did make them. (I remember praying for God to bless the blunders.)

I am so thankful God can heal and restore. I like what CS Lewis said. He called resurrection, death working backwards. Redemption means God makes things new.  Thankfully, I did not suffer abuse as a child, but I have been through some tough times. And I can say. God can bring us through them.

Joel 2:25 “I will restore the yeaers that the swarming locusts have eaten.”

I have Shannon Dietz with me and she is going to share a story about recovery from abuse.

Learn more here.

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