A broken teapot never works, even if you glue it together again. So sad!

My family loves tea, and I have a myriad of teapots. A few of them are two-cup teapots since I like to make tea for individuals, but most of them are large six-cups pots.

After my mum died, I was at work in the kitchen and someone knocked on the door. The person rapped out a particular pattern that sounded exactly like what my mother used to do when she came for a visit. I froze. My only thought was, “She’s dead.”

I was so rattled that I dropped the dish i was holding and crushed a pretty floral teapot. I looked at the one million pieces and wanted to cry. The person who knocked made a delivery and left, yet that shock I felt cause me to lose one of my special teapots.

Every time I mess up, I feel like that broken teapot. Useless. God wants us to be holy and to live like him, but we still exist on earth amongst sinners. How on earth can we do that and still please God. Can God use a broken person? A teapot needs to be discarded, but what about a person?

Today Tina Yeager is my guest. She is a counselor and life coach, and I am always delighted to have her with me.

You can find Tina here.

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