Is it possible to gain freedom from homosexuality? The answer is yes.

The homosexual movement has swept across our nation. In essence they have taken away our motto to hate the sin and love the sinner.

That’s very sad. Because God wants us to love the sinner and help them find freedom. And those in the lifestyle say you cannot be free.

Homosexuals are making inroads into church families. More and more young people are buying into the lie that you can choose your gender.  That’s a key word, Gender. That word would seem to indicate you have more choices that just male or female.

According to Genesis one, God created male and female and commissioned them to multiply and fill the earth.   That can only happen between a male and female: an XX and an XY.

We call that verse the Creation Mandate, and God has never revoked it. Every generation needs to produce the next or else the human race ends. (That fact became more evident when China enforced the one child policy. They’ve now revoked that because their boys have no girls to marry.)

Today a girl proclaims she is no longer XX but feels XY and so we call it choosing your gender even though there are only two sexes: XX and XY.  If we say that Bible calls that sin sets you up as a homophobe or one who hates. However, we are only repeating what God has said.

God calls Christians to love those in the world. Not hate!

It’s all very frustrating! But we still speak the truth. However, it’s very important to speak the truth in love.

MJ Nixon is my guest today. She found freedom from homosexuality and shares her story. Her group is Uprooted Heart. She has done a documentary with her fellow Ex LGBTQ.


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