Preschooler Mary Jean Eisenhower often stayed with her grandparents during Eisenhower’s presidency. Her grandmother, Mamie, had a weak heart so she conducted much of her household business from her bed.

One morning, Mary Jean remained with her grandmother. While Mamie worked, Mary Jean played with Pete, a gift her grandmother had received, He was a small, caged bird. Once wound up, Pete would chirp and rotate, which fascinated Mary Jean.
Unfortunately, after playing with Pete all morning, she wound him too tightly, and he stopped working. Mamie scolded Mary Jean and sent her to her bedroom. Trembling in fear, she stayed there the rest of the day waiting for her grandfather to come upstairs from the Oval Office.

When she finally heard the elevator open, Mary Jean rushed to confess to President Eisenhower, the judge and juror. He listened and hugged her. The next morning when Mary Jean woke, Pete was sitting on the table by her bed. She was horrified. Breaking Peter irritated her grandmother. What would she say if she thought Mary Jean had stolen him? Mary Jean grabbed Pete and ran to her grandparents’ bedroom. However, another Pete sat outside their door.

Mary Jean believed her grandfather asked the Secret Service to find replacements for Pete that night. Not only did he forgive her, but he also replaced the broken gift. What a lovely example of God’s love. Once we trust in Jesus, he forgives us and makes us a new creation.

“In this is love, not that we have loved God, but that he loved us, and gave his son to be the propitiation for our sins.” -I John 4:10

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