Have you ever gone through a difficult time? A situation that lasted awhile? If so, you know we need hope.

Raising a disabled son was like that for me. I tell people, it felt like swallowing razor blades for breakfast. He wanted to be normal, like everyone else. How excruciating to watch him try and fail. His tears shredded the depths of my soul.

I made it through with the Psalms. The writers of the Psalms did not hold back. In their brutal honesty we can find comfort.

You’ll notice Psalms start off with sadness or distress, but end up joyful, as if the author found the answer in his faith. The only one that doesn’t is Psalm 88, which draws a pic of depression. I think God put it in the Bible for those really tough times when we need to grieve.


Pam Farrell has written a study on the Psalms called Discovering Hope in the Psalms.

Learn more about her here.

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