Ragdoll cat

Colonel Brandon

My cat gazed at me with his big blue eyes and gave another pitiful meow. He turned his head toward the door to the back porch, as if I would grasp his meaning. Colonel Brandon lived inside, but that day the outdoors appeared fascinating.

“Silly kitty.” I stroked his back. “It’s too cold out there. You won’t like the snow.”

He managed to look down at me, even though I towered over him, and he repeated his desperate wail.

“Okay, fine. You want ice, and I’ll let you try it.” I opened the back door onto the porch where the snow mounded three inches deep.

Without the flick of an eyelid, he pranced onto the porch, but he sank into the white stuff and froze. He sniffed all around him and took a tentative step. A grimace crossed his kitty face, and he held up his front paw, as if disgusted.

“Well, kitty?” I chuckled. “Does it meet with your approval?”

He looked off into the distance and got that wild look in his eyes, as if he spotted something to chase. A few steps later, the Colonel stopped and looked about the icy porch with narrowed eyes. He picked up his back feet, one at a time, and shook. Right away he turned his attention to his front legs and repeated the exercise.

My husband and I stood inside the door laughing.

He picked up his front foot, as if ready to run, but he glared at the snow. His gaze took in the snow all around him. Every step he took would mean plunging into that white stuff. He wiggled each of his feet again and glanced at us with pleading in his eyes.

We opened the door and he dashed in, wiggling his feet fast. WE could not contain our mirth. He hurried past us with his head elevated, as if he knew we had fun at his expense.

Just like my cat, I’ve begged God for things and lost my cool when he didn’t do what I asked. Perhaps he knew I wouldn’t like what I asked for or that what I wanted wouldn’t be good for me. I’m thankful our heavenly father isn’t a vending machine, which pops out whatever we request. Instead he cares so much that he refuses our thoughtless demands and grants us what we do need.

Praise our wonderful Abba Father.


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