Money! I keep thinking of the popular song that was played when I was a teen.  Karen Carpenter beautifully sang about how little money she and her husband had, yet they loved each other intensely.  When I was younger, I thought that was so romantic.  Everyone would say love gets you through anything, including poverty.  Now, I know living with a constant battle over how to spend what you do have makes marriage much harder.

I can recall how difficult it was for us when we first married. My husband was adamant that we needed a budget, and he kept trying to make one.

Every few days, he’d come to me with a new idea and explain how it would work. That was 39 years ago,  but I don’t remember any details about the first submissions. However, he finally contrived something that worked, and we’ve stayed on that for years.

I know many couples end up disagreeing and arguing over money. Many young married folk today bring school debt to marriage.  Money is such a tough issue because we all have needs and wants. Sometimes it’s truly hard to know which is which.

My husband would say, “Do you need that? Or do you just want that?” It was hard to admit sometimes I wanted it for selfish reasons. Oh, the conversations we had and the ache. Yet we never had a huge debt to pay off.

Some of you just barely make it and live from paycheck to paycheck.  How can we honor God with our money? Today my guest is Stephanie Beck. She and her husband do financial counseling and help couples overcome debt. Use the links below to contact them HERE. Or, email them:

Stephanie Beck and her husband do financial counseling

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