Susannah’s friends, Mr. and Mrs. Olney, visited her one Sunday afternoon. That aroused her curiosity since they considered the day holy. Plus, she had never seen them so excited. A young preacher had spoken at the morning service, and they begged her to attend the evening service with them. She agreed and attended New Park City Chapel that night. However, when the young man appeared in the pulpit, Susannah was disgusted.

The minister was very young. He wore old clothes that fit poorly, and his hair looked terrible. Further, when he began sweating, he wiped his face with a spotted handkerchief. How distressing for a sophisticated young lady. However, she did hear his message. The church hired him, and she continued to visit with the Olneys. Over time, his words sank in, and she realized the Olneys wisdom. The young man was Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Later, Susannah married him, and he became a famous preacher.

Many times, I have judged someone unfairly because I looked at the outward appearance. Fortunately, God doesn’t do that. “…For the LORD sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart.”

This month, February, let’s find ways to show God’s love, even to those less lovely.

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