Decision making? I’m the kind of person who likes to get things done-yesterday.There’s nothing wrong with being like that. The world needs people like us, but it’s hard for someone with a type ‘A’ personality to wait on God. It feels like the world will end if we don’t settle the issue now. Sometimes that means we rush into things and make mistakes.

I love Amazon Prime. Your order comes right away rather than three weeks later, and you avoid traffic and huge parking lots around the mall.

For years I’ve been buying online, so when my tall son needed an extra-long twin mattress, I found one on a website. (not Amazon) However, making that purchase was a huge blunder. I received this ridiculously heavy package containing a vinyl thing that needed blowing up. It wasn’t at all suitable for a real bed. And because I didn’t get what this store called, ‘return insurance,’ I had to pay a fortune to return it.

I learned to investigate first, and I try to squelch that urge to get the item by tomorrow.

Athena Dean Holtz is my guest. She is a doer, like me, and she made some bad decisions in the past. Her newest book, Full Circle, tells how God navigated her through her own poor choices.

Find her book here.
Learn more about her here.

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