Welcome to Heart of the Matter Radio/Podcast. Today Cynthia reminisces about a childhood Christmas memory. She also reflects on the deeper meaning of Christmas, emphasizing the hope found in Christ. As a special treat, Cynthia invites listeners to access her Christmas memories and a cherished cake recipe on the podcast’s website. Join us as we delve into the joy of creating lasting memories and celebrating the true significance of Christmas.

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 I’ve been encouraging women this year to create a memory at Christmas time. Because when you think about it, when your life is over, you are not going to wish that you had bought one more gift or that you had put up one more decoration. You are going to care about the people in your life.

And so I want to share a memory of mine with you.

When I was a little girl, they sold icicles to go on Christmas trees.

And the icicles were like little pieces of aluminum, little tiny strip. Mother wanted me to take one tiny strip and hang one of them on the tree at a time. Well, that was very slow and a little boring for me. I wanted to do something a little more exciting. And I discovered that if you threw the icicles up in the air, that they landed in such interesting shapes, and the light would hit them and it would make it really very pretty. So I would start to throw them, and mother would catch me and she would say, “No, you have to do them one at a time.”

And she’d show me again.”

After that I’d do them one at a time until she turned her back. Then I was throwing him again, because, first of all, it was faster and it was prettier. They made interesting shapes. Of course, now that I am grown, I understand that mother was concerned about money, and she didn’t want to have to buy more icicles next year because they were expensive.

Give Clear Messages

So sometimes when we are spending time with our family or with our kids, we don’t always communicate real clearly about what really is on our mind and what really matters. Because if she had explained, maybe I’d be a little bit more willing to have done it. And so we want to be careful that the messages that we give are carefully crafted so that our kids get them, that our family gets them. For instance, you want your family and your friends to know that you love them, even though maybe you disagree on something.

Well, back in Jesus day, they lived in difficult times. Just like now, they had to be careful how much money they spent. And they were worried about their provision and their food and their clothing. But Jesus made a very profound statement. I’m going to read it to you.

Luke 1223. He says, “…life is more than food and the body is more than clothing.”

Well, you know, that’s pretty profound.

In fact, when I was a kid, I thought that my body, my internal organs in my stomach did something for the world that was absolutely wonderful. And I couldn’t wait to find out what they did. And when I found out that all they did was keep me alive, I was very disappointed. Because you want to live for something bigger than that.

Let me tell you, you can live for something bigger than that, because that’s the point of this verse. Life is more than food, and the body is more than clothing. And Christmas is a whole lot more than just simply purchasing gifts. The point of Christmas was God wrapped in flesh.

And because he came to live with us, Emmanuel, God with us, we can be reconciled to God. And he was the one who was the creator of all of life. What an amazing, amazing thing. And I love this verse that I had a teacher that used to talk to us all the time about “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” And she kept saying that. And finally, it really clicked with me that regardless of what happens in this life, that we can have confidence about the next life, about heaven, because of Christ in you, the hope of glory. I’m hoping that this year that you make memories with your family and with those you love. But I’m hoping that the memories that you make are clear.
I’m offering a gift for my listeners. If you will click here, you can sign up to get a few of my childhood Christmas memories and a cake recipe Mom used to make. I hope you do.
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