The Secret to Finding Strength for Tough Moments

My guest this week was Author Debbie Wilson. She teaches a Bible study in her home and has written a Bible study series about how God is big and we are not. The next book in the series, Little Strength Big God, comes out soon. Debbie shared one of her earthquake moments and told how God gave her strength through that time. How wonderful to have a God we can depend on when life falls apart. 

Unlocking the Keys to Hospitality

With the holidays approaching, we’ll all be entertaining in our home. By showing hospitality, we can have a huge impact on the lives of others.  Author and speaker Victoria Duerstock was my guest this week. We talked about how hospitality touches people,  overcoming barriers, and great ways to share your life with others.

Recovery from Church Trauma Part 3

This is our third podcast on church trauma. This week my guest was author and speaker, Nancy Kay Grace. Her husband has served as a pastor for 47 years. From her wealth of experience, she offered her perspective on healing and forgiving.

Download a list of tips for recovery from church trauma here.

Recover from Church Trauma Part 2

Author Rebecca White was my guest this week. She shared her experience with a church split. You will hear her talking about kindness and working to fill in for missing people. You can see how the Holy Spirit works. When people in the church fail, the Lord graciously picks up the pieces and brings us through using imperfect people. Beautiful!

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