How to Wow Your Husband

The most romatic folk in the world should be married couples. However, it’s easy to let the romance go flat Author Pam Farrell offered fun and exiting way to WOW your husband this Valentines Day and everyday.

How to Get Organized for 2022

We want to have a family, a degree, homeschool, and have a business or ministry. Maybe you want to write a book. Doing all that takes organization.

My guest this week was Sharon Norris Elliott . Her guidelines will help you get a great start. She raised kids, taught school, and earned an advanced degree. Great information!

Prayer for the New Year

Dear Father, we come into your presence at the end of a difficult year and throw ourselves on your mercy and grace. We are dependent on you. Life is more than food and the body more than clothing. We cannot live on bread alone…

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