Thinking Deeper: Back to School Part 1

The next three weeks we’ll be covering back to school topics as homeschool mothers start teaching. Training your children requires you to fully understand each child’s temperment and inclinations. That means we need to pray for God’s wisdom. Praying can be one of the hardest things we do.

Robyn Dykstra was my guest this week. She didn’t grow up in a Christian home. Robyn explained how she learned to pray and how she taught her children to pray. 

Thinking Deeper: How to Survive Pregnancy After Loss

Women want to be moms, and ofen we have no issues carrying a child. However, a miscarriage hurts, and you realize so many things can go wrong. The next pregnancy frightens her.

My guest this week was Jenny Albers who wrote about losing two different babies. She explains her emotions and tells how she survived.

Thinking Deeper: How to Support Moms Who Are Different

As I was folding clothes, I recalled my mother folded towels in thirds and in thirds again. I assumed everyone folded them that way. Looking back, I wonder if she folded them so they would fit in her narrow linen closet, but I’ve seen lots of other was to fold towels.

This week we celebrate Mother’s Day. And my guest and I talked about how to encourage moms who might do things differently.  Peggy Sue Wells had seven children and gained so much knowlege to share.

Thinking Deeper: How to Make Good Decisions

Our choices impact us and others. Remember, Eve at the forbidden fruit, which changed the world forever.

This week, Peggy Sue Wells joined me. She has just co-authored the novel, The Patent. The central issue revolves around decision making which turned out poorly. In light of the story, Peggy Sue shared tips on making good decisions.

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