Overcome the After-Christmas Blues

When my daughter was abot three years old, we took down our real Christmas tree during her nap. When she woke, she saw it outside and she said, “Christmas tree, come back.”

That made me sad.

I hate taking down the Christmas decorations. The house seems so bare and cold.

My guest this week is Dr. Michelle Bengstrom. She holds a doctorate in psychology, and she addressed how to overcome the after Christmas blues. For instance, If you go outside and expose your body to sunshine, the light lifts your mood even if you wear sunscreen. She offered this and several other suggestions to engergize you for 2023.

Discover DYI Christmas

How do you mix inflation with Christmas? If we look back in history, people recycled. So why not make gifts? Your kids will have fun, and grandparents love gifts from your kids. Cynthia created a refrigerator magnet from junk mail and yarn. You can download the free instructions here.

This week my guest was Tina Yeager. Her last book, Upcycled, shows great ideas on how to take old stuff and reuse it, make it better. It’s what God does for us with our heartache. Plus, it costs less. Be creative this Christmas!

Christmas Thoughts from Martha Washington

Today women work themselves almost to exhaustion decorating, buying presents, and planning parties. How did they celebrate Christmas in the past? Has the holiday always been so hectic?

Step back in history with “Martha Washington”, wife of our first president. She offered thoughts from her experience and explained how her family celebrated Christmas.

Discover the History of Santa Claus

Most Americans associate Santa with Christmas. Now that Thanksgiving is over, you’ll see ‘Santa’ everywhere. However, the real Santa didn’t sport a big belly or wear a red suit. He believed in Jesus, and he helped people in need. My guest this week spent hours reserching the man behind the myth. Rhonda Robinson wrote The Legend of Christmas, the Untold Story of the Real St Nicholas. under the pen name Theresa White.

Discover the Benefits of Thanksgiving

If you live very long, you will face trials. Gut wrenching stuff. The Lord even promised we would have trouble in this life. So why on earth does the Word say to ‘be thankful in all things?’ (I Thessalonians 5:18). That really seems crazy because none of us like the hard parts of life. I would rather sip tea and read a mystery novel about some other person’s problems. 

My guest this week was Author Carol Leatham. After living through a long-term trial, she wrote Finding Joy in My Messy Life. Her answers are raw but real. 

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