Experience True Joy During Christmas

I have such fond memories of Christmas. As a child, I loved the lights, the music, and decorating the tree. Mamma really managed to make it a magical time.

My father used to film home movies on Christmas morning. My early Christmases were very bright because daddy had special lights for filming and wouldn’t let us come in the living room until he had everything set up

He started when I was 3 months old. Before we came in the room, my father had filmed out stockings. Mother had a sock for each of us filled fruit and placed on a chair in the living room. Above each stocking she had spelled out our names with wooden blocks. And while daddy filmed, the toe of one sock was so full, it slid down. That image is blazed on my mind.

There’s a picture of mother holding me and showing me a baby doll she had purchased for me. So touching!

However, one year I blew it. I decided to snoop to see what mother bought for me. It ruined the surprise and the joy. And that spoiled Christmas day because I was so embarrassed about what I’d done. 

That served to show I focused on the wrong things. The beauty of the season has nothing to do with our traditions and decorations or even Santa Claus, reindeer, elves, or red, and green.

 It’s about the hope we have in Christ.

Carol McLeod, author of Let There Be Joy, is my guest today. She will share thoughts for meditation on being joyful during Christmas.

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