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Raising Teens: An Impossible Job? Here’s Answers

September 29, 2017

I recall being a difficult teen, not that I got into drugs or alcohol, but I believed my parents didn’t understand me so I crawled in my shell and stopped talking about things that mattered. (What a good way to ruin communication.) Mom and Dad put me in a private school, but they didn’t want to drive me there. They found a young family in the neighborhood who attended the same school to take me. Back then, I was terribly shy and stubborn. Riding with perfect strangers didn’t make me happy. In fact, I always greeted them when I got in the car, but I said nothing more until they dropped me off. The family reported my behavior to Mother because they believed I didn’t like them, which wasn’t far from the truth.  Mother panicked and considered sending me to a special school out-of-state for troubled teens. Looking back, I’m glad they didn’t make that choice.

Since then, I married and navigated the teen years with five of my own children. The teen years can be quite turbulent as your child strives for independence.

Today my guest is Gwyn McCaslin. She is a marriage and family counselor who founded Hope Creek Counseling in Sugar Creek Ohio. She recommends Focus on the Family or Association of Christian Counselors if you need help.

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