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Heart of the Matter: Happiness in Marriage?

June 16, 2014
Author of 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife
Cynthia and Arlene Pelicane discuss achieving happiness in marriage.
 Arlene’s bio:

I am a speaker and author of 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife31 Days to a Happy Husband and 31 Days to a Younger You.  Once when introduced to a group of women, the emcee read my book titles and exclaimed with a smile, “What more do you want from us?”

Dear friend, I do want more for you! 

More happiness in your home.  More closeness to God and others.  More purpose in your day-to-day life.

I can testify that a happy (not perfect) life is attainable even in today’s broken world.  My husband James and I have three young kids and we face many challenges you may be familiar with.  But we have found when your values are clear, the decisions are easy.  Life can be marked by joy.

I’m here to help you figure out how to experience more of that joy.  When I share about marriage, parenting, health, or personal growth, my goal is not only to inspire.  I give practical steps so you know exactly what to do next.

I have provided expertise as a guest for the Today Show, Family Life TodayThe 700 Club, The Better Show, The Hour of Power, Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah, Home Made Simple on TLC and numerous radio programs.  You can watch some of those videos here.

I earned my BA from Biola University and a MA from Regent University.  Before becoming a speaker and author, I served as a features reporter for The 700 Club and associate director for Turning Point Television with David Jeremiah.   

You can contact me at  I live in a happy home in San Diego with my husband James and our kids Ethan, Noelle and Lucy.

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COTT Olympia Award Winner: Jennifer Rodewald

May 23, 2014
Olympia Award Winner for COTT
Jennifer Rodewald won the Olympia Award with her book, Reclaimed.

Jennifer Rodewald is passionate about the Word of God and the powerful vehicle of story. Four kids and her own personal superman make her home in southwestern Nebraska delightfully chaotic.

Aiming to live with boundless enthusiasm, her creed is vision, pursuit and excellence. Blessed with a robust curiosity, she loves to research. Whether she’s investigating the history of a given area, the biography of a Christian icon, or how nature declares the glory of God, her daily goal is to learn something new.

Jen lives and writes in a lovely speck of a town where she watches with amazement while her children grow up way too fast, gardens, plays with her horses, and marvels at God’s mighty hand in everyday life.


To learn more about the contest go to
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Heart of the Matter: Free from Bondage: Anne Paulk

May 17, 2014
Founder of Restored Hope Network
Anne Paulk had dreams of Jesus and realized she wanted to know more about him. She finally found a church that told her how she could gain freedom . Anne shares how she ‘gave up her nothing for God’s everything.” To learn more about Anne go to
Contact Cynthia:
All, Communication, Family, Heart of the Matter, Love, Marriage, Romance, Walking by Faith

#HeartMtr Radio: Have Problems in Your Marriage?

April 4, 2014
Author and Writer, Ginny Hamlin
Ginny Hamlin shares the theme of her new book.

G.E. Hamlin (Ginny) passionately writes about broken marriages and the restorative power of Jesus Christ. Her stories stem from personal experiences and working in lay ministry as a member of her church. Her characters encounter the natural consequences of addiction to: alcohol, drugs, and sexual immorality. It is Ginny’s hope each story will create a bridge for discussion in real life.


Ginny has been a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) for over six years. Her style of writing reflects the qualities of Nicholas Sparks’ soft side and the fast pace of James Patterson. She and her husband Ed have a blended family with five adult children and eight grandchildren. Ginny and her husband live in Southern California where they enjoy the beach, desert, and mountains. As a full time author, she is blessed with frequent opportunities to spend time with the grandchildren.

Marriage Takes Three – Blurb

Darla Connor is struggling with whether to stay in her troubled marriage or walk away. Maintaining a long distance friendship with an old sweetheart isn’t making the decision easier, especially when that sweetheart, now a famous country music star declares his love for her, even though she is married. Randall Connor is a recovering alcoholic and wants to heal his broken marriage, and as a new believer, he is counting on God to help him. When Darla rejects his ultimatum to sever ties with her old boyfriend, he’s in for the battle of his life. Will Darla follow promises of a better life with her old boyfriend, or will she surrender to God in time to save her marriage?

Links to the Web & Social Media order: Marriage Takes Three

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Heart of the Matter: Help for Hurting Marriages

February 21, 2014
Alma Jo and Buddy in 1952
Bob and Christy Meara agonized in their unhappy marriage for years. They share their story and their ministry to couples who think there’s no hope.
To contact Cynthia;
Commitment to Christ, Family, Heart of the Matter, Love, Marriage, Parenting, Romance, Valentine's Day

Heart of the Matter: Valentine Day Wisdom

February 7, 2014
Author and Speaker
Peggy Sue Wells and Cynthia discuss the issue of single parents dating. Singles feel out of place, so what if someone gets you a date without asking you first? How to handle Valentine’s Day if you are single.
Contact Cynthia:
Contact Peggy Sue at
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