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How to Have Hope in a Crisis

January 15, 2021
Hope in Crisis

I’m saddened by the attack at the capitol, and I’m sick of Covid 19. So far 2021 doesn’t appear to be improving either. However, we have hope.

My guest this week was Grace Fox. She told amazing stories of rough times she walked through and explained how God used the circumstances for good. So be encouraged. God is working for your good.

Listen here.


How to Have Deep Roots to Keep You Stable

January 14, 2021
Deep Roots

Last fall a nasty storm came though our neighborhood and damaged trees. As I walked around afterward I saw a huge tree across the road. The root ball wasn’t very large, and I wondered if that cause the tree to be unstable.

Kathy Howard was my guest this week. She talked about how her in-depth study of Mark can help us remain stable and secure.

Listen here.


Encouragement for 2021

December 31, 2020

Since 2020 has been rough, many people rejoice to see the New Year. However, we can be sure that challenges lie ahead because we live in a world full of sin. How can we end well? And what’s a good mind-set for the year ahead?

My guest this week was my assistant, Mavian Arocha Rowe. She also works as a book editor, teacher, editor of Chispa Magazine and Little PINK book, and Via Magazine publisher. The two of us discussed how to launch the New Year.

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Get Encouragement from Christmas Past

December 18, 2020
Christmas Past

I’ve always thought of Christmas as a time of joy, however, 2020 presented us with upheaval. Normal life has changed, and I find myself fighting worry. That’s one reason I enjoy history. The stories lift my spirit as I see how God worked in the past.

This week author Rebecca Price Janney was my guest, and she had a relative who fought in the Revolution. She related an encouraging story about a Christmas during the war.

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Make Sure Everyone Enjoys Christmas

December 11, 2020

We want Christmas to be special, yet each of our kids are different. Then you add relatives outside the immediate family. How can you make sure everyone has a great time?

Life Coach Linda Goldfarb offered advice. Listen here


Crafts You Can Use to Teach Your Kids

December 4, 2020
Christmas Crafts

Bonus session for Christmas 2020: The holidays are a great time to teach your kids about Jesus who came to earth to die for our sins. Joleen Steel, creator of Camping Stick Kids,  shows various Christmas crafts you can use to talk about the Lord during this season. This is a video so you can see Joleen at work!

Watch here


How to Teach Your Children About Jesus

December 4, 2020
Teach Your Kids About Jesus

I recall holding my first baby and feeling the awe and pride. However, I also felt a huge responsibility to teach my baby about the Lord and eternity. Christmas is a great time to do that. Lee Ann Mancini talked about ways to teach about Jesus.

Listen here.

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