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How to Survive a Medical Emergency

June 23, 2022
Survive a Medical Emergency

Imagine having a stroke at age 29. That’s what happened to Lori Vober, and she spent 7 years recovering. She told how she survived a medical emergency, and she praised her husband for his help. In addition, she gave tips on keeping your marriage strong during a rough season.

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Thinking Deeper: How to Manage Conflict

June 2, 2022

Women don’t like conflict. We want our nest to be safe and comfortable. However, in a sinful world, conflict abounds. You cannot live with someone without disagreements. And these days our world abounds with tension. We need to learn how to manage conflict.

My guest this week was Oletha Barnett. She directs Conciliation Services which ministers to businesses, churches, families, and schools. They help resolve conflict in a Biblical way. Ms. Barnett can train, mediate, and investigate conflict. She restores peace so people can focus on a mission.

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Thinking Deeper: Remembering and Celebrating Memorial Day

May 26, 2022
Memorial Day

Officials set aside Memorial Day so we could remember and thank those who served our country. This week Carla Morris shared the story of her father who served in the Airforce. A few years ago, the military declassified his job, so we can learn what he did. He worked as a ‘silent peacekeeper’ at Loring Airforce Base in Maine. He and his comrades had to store and maintain the atomic bomb which the military created in World War 2.

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See the information on the Airforce base here.

Learn about researching family history here.


Memorial Day

Men Who Served as Silent Peacekeepers. Carla’s father is in the back row, on the far right.

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Thinking Deeper: Surviving Pregnancy After Loss

May 12, 2022
Surviving Pregnancy after loss

Women want to have children, and usually we bear a child without problems. However, when a mother suffers a miscarriage, she grieves the loss. After going through that several times, she’s fearful about the outcome.

My guest this week was Jenny Albers. She shared how she lost two babies. She shared with us how she survived pregnancy after loss. Her book is called Surviving Pregnancy After Loss.

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