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Mealtime Prayers

Mealtime Prayers

A Spoonful of Grace: Mealtime Prayers

July 29, 2017
mealtime prayers

I grew up in a Christian home. We seldom ate breakfast together because of my father’s work schedule, but we dined together at the evening meal. Typically, my dad would pray before we ate, however, sometimes, he rambled as if he forgot we waited for him to finish.  I was usually hungry and my frustration would build as he prayed for every missionary and every tragic situation the around the world. While I admired his zeal, I wished he would save his urgent pleas for another time.

As a result, my husband and I chose short blessings at mealtime. One of my boys complained about how we handled this area, and he was right. Looking back, I think our prayers seemed too mechanical and rote. However, we intended our mealtime prayers to be efficient in response to my childhood experience.

My grandfather, however, joined my family for dinner often. I loved his prayers. He would often pray, “Lord help us to live the way we wished we had when we stand before you.” He’s gone now, but that prayer stands out in my mind because he prayed with such humility.

Prayer before meals can be a precious time as you teach, worship together and chat. Annette Hubbell believed this family time important enough to write a book of prayers.  She just released A Spoonful of Grace which includes prayers and topics for discussion.

Find here here.

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