Best Way to Handle Accusations of Hate-Speech

Best Way to Handle Accusations of Hate-Speech

Have you ever been accused of hate-speech? I have and it’s very uncomfortable.

I belong to a group of online writers, and I send a message through about homosexuality because I wanted to start a dialogue about how we could effectively speak to them. No one in the media talks about the consequences of their behavior, and yet I think that’s huge. The outcome of their choices are not good. I believed we could devise ways to minister to them more effectively.

However, I was horrified because I was attacked. Suddenly, I was a terrible person who had evil intentions. (as if they could see inside my heart.) Believe me, I wanted to give a message of hope and grace, not evil.

Yet we are seeing more of that in our society than ever. On college campuses, speakers who want to share truth are attacked or not allowed at all.  We have also heard stories of people trying to share on Facebook and finding officials online censored them. It’s everywhere and it’s unfair.

I met Bill Watkins at Florida Christian Writers Conference. He is with Broadstreet Press. He has written on the topic and continues to watch the situation in our nation.

You can find out more about Bill here.

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