How to Avoid Being Deceived

None of us want to be deceived. A fellow writer, Pamela Christian, starts her talks by asking the audience if they want to be deceived. No one ever raises her hand.

Deception scares me, and I question everything I read or hear so that doesn’t happen. I enjoy reading mysteries and watching suspenseful movies because I like to solve the puzzle. However, one movie, Deceived, upset me. The story started off fine: early scenes showed a family of three. Husband wife and daughter. The husband managed a museum and traveled a lot, and the couple seemed to have a good marriage.

An accident took the husband’s life, and then the suspense started. Goldie Hawn played the wife. She learned the stories her former husband told her didn’t add up. For one thing, investigators suspected him of selling forged antiquities to other museums. Her husband bought her a gift he claimed came from another city, but she found a receipt proving her husband bought a gift in the same town where they lived. More research unearthed another wife in the same city. That’s when I got edgy.

And because she kept looking, he began to stalk her. She feared he might kill her. How unsettling. especially since I stayed home with my children at the time.

But when it comes to faith, these days people pick and choose what they like from various religions, as if their choice makes something true.

How can we be sure Christianity is true? Our eternal destiny depends on that. During the Reformation, Martin Luther turned to Scripture above church decrees and councils. But we can’t trust in mere men. What can we do to ensure our faith is in the right place? 

Today Ray Simmons, an elder at Grace Community Church, will give us answers to these questions. Ray wrote an article on a recent book by a local pastor, and you can access that here.

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