Ideas for a Christ-Centered Christmas

Ideas for a Christ-Centered Christmas

What does a Christ-centered Christmas look like? December presents us a myriad of activities, and the combination of those can lead to exhaustion, not celebration.

However, I can’t stop thinking about the angel choir which announced the birth of the Savior. That’s the only place in Scripture God sent angels to create a glorious spectacle, and God never confuses his priorities. Imagine not one angel but thousands filling the night sky and singing. How beautiful angels voices must have been. Wow!  The birth of Christ was an occasion for the world. So, it makes sense Christmas should be Christ-Centered.

Consequently, we can conclude the message of Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Mankind takes center stage.  Just think, in a world destroyed by sin, broken, confused, groaning under the curse, God offered hope through the birth of one baby who would die for our sins. His birth and later death led the way to our reconciliation with God, revealed the nature of God, and brought the prospect of eternal life.  A huge blessing!

My guest is Peggy Sue Wells, author, and mother of seven. She will share ideas for creating the perfect Christ-centered Christmas. Check out her website.

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