History Shows the Impact of Your Choices

History Shows the Impact of Your Choices

What do you really love doing?

Let me take that a step further? What would you do if nobody was looking and you could do whatever? And it wouldn’t matter because no one would ever know?

I would immerse myself in mystery/ thriller books and drink tea. It’s even better if it’s storming outside. Or I would shop for hours.

That’s what I do when I take time off when I want to rest. I KNOW I can’t read all the time.

Have you ever heard anyone say, this is my life, and I’m going to do what I want? When someone says that, I think about that question. What would you do if no one was looking and it would not change anything?
Yes. God gave us the right to choose. He gave us free will, but we experience the consequences of those choices. So do others around us.

“Don’t be deceived, whatever a man sows that he will also reap.”

If you think back to the early passages in Genesis, God gave us work to do BEFORE the fall. And the things we do or don’t do impact us and others around us.

Today I have Rebecca Price Janney. She has written Easton at the Forks.

Learn more about Rebecca here.

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