Help For Caregivers

Help For Caregivers


Women tend toward nurturing, so we usually end up with the job,

However, when it comes to caring for family members, the job can be tough.

When my mother had her hysterectomy, I was an RN and worked at a local hospital. Mother scheduled her surgery so I could stay with her that first night so she wouldn’t be alone. I got off from work at eleven and went to stay with mother.

I tend to sleep soundly, and she had a hard time waking me up in the middle of the night so she could go to the bathroom.

I had already worked an eight-hour shift, yet I was embarrassed when my body didn’t want to get up at 2 a.m. I felt I had failed her.

If you are caring for a family member, there’s a lot involved, especially if you’re doing long-term care.

We all have hot spots, and emotional baggage from a lifetime of being in the same family. Add to that the fact that we save the worst of ourselves for the family, and you have a tough combination.

Years ago, all the nursing was done at home and that’s a good idea today since our culture no longer values life.

The whole discussion about quality of life can be an attempt to decide whose life is worthy to be lived.

For instance when my grandmother lived in a nursing home, the staff told the nurses a heart attack or stroke is not a medical emergency.

Since they knew acting quickly saved lives, they downgraded these catastrophic events to normal.

Because we want our loved to get the proper care, many of us become the caregiver.

But it’s hard, particularly if you have someone with dementia who asks the same question every twenty seconds.

In my father’s final illness, he became angry with family members, and no one likes to be yelled at.

Veteran caregiver, Deborah Keys shares tips for those considering the job and guidance for those already doing the work. Plus, learn how you can support and encourage someone in the trenches.

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